Faith Community Nursing – bringing ‘nursing’ to the ‘faith community’ and ‘faith’ to ‘community nursing’!  

It offers a health dimension to pastoral care that increases its growth in scope, depth and reach. offers a unique approach to addressing many current problems in health, aged, disability and community care, by mobilising the many gifts and strengths of local churches in innovative ways to address contemporary health and social issues.

A Faith Community Nurse (FCN) bridges the gap between the person or family and the health and community care systems, by connecting the person with local support that can improve their whole health and promote wellbeing.

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What does faith community nursing look like at Holy Covenant Anglican Church in ACT? 

Over the past five years Holistic Care Nursing Ministry has grown into a large service that is recognised in the community as a service that offers much to its clients and focuses on nursing people back into life.  The team comprises an Registered Nurse coordinator, an Enrolled Nurse, an Administration assistant and 20 volunteers.

The team cares for the older people in the community who are housebound and isolated, and often fall through the gaps within other services. These gaps include friendship and social support, and spiritual care, especially for those who can’t leave their home. Activities include an outings group with a van that has disability access, taking group members to places they wish to visit. Birthdays are celebrated, and Christmas hampers arrive on their door step in plenty of time for Christmas. Enjoy the full story by clicking here

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