Welcome to the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association Inc.

We are the peak professional body for Faith Community Nurses (FCN) working in the pastoral health and care ministry (HCM) of Australian Christian churches/faith communities.

Faith Community Nursing is not just ‘another’ ministry of the church. It fits within the core church function of health and care ministry demonstrating the healing mission and ministry of Jesus. Sometimes Faith Community Nursing is referred to as Parish Nursing.

We are here to support you as a Faith Community Nurse or help you become one. As an FCN you unite your nursing skills and your Christian faith to strengthen individuals, families and communities.

Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) provide whole person care of body, mind and spirit. Their practice focuses on promoting health and preventing illness, abuse or injury, and managing existing conditions to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

FCNs are based in a faith community, a church, church-based school, aged care service or other community service conducted under the auspices of the church. FCNs serve the people within that faith community and/or the people within a geographic or cultural community that particular faith community serves.

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While our focus is supporting Faith Community Nursing, we also support churches with health and care ministry resources and guides for setting up Faith Community Nursing.

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Whilst our You Tube Channel is in its infancy, please click here to view the Canadian Association of Parish Nurse Ministries in-depth video which explains Faith Community Nursing (called Parish Nursing in the video) to see how this role fits in the health ministry of your local church and replicates the healing ministry of Jesus.

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