6 steps to start Faith Community Nursing

  1. I’m interested  - learn and pray
  2. Share your vision
  3. Planning your next steps – nurture growth
  4. Appointing your FCN
  5. Preparing your FCN
  6. Supporting your FCN

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To help you investigate and establish faith community nursing in your local church or faith based organisation, we offer:

Short and simple fact sheets to answer frequently asked questions

Pack of information and documents

Each pack contains a 20-30 page explanatory booklet, relevant Fact Sheets and the Planning and Documentation packs contain large quantities of editable templates. Participants in the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course receive an electronic copy of all packs as part of their registration fee.

  • FREE Introductory Pack: introduces you to the FCN role an steps to take regarding implementing the role - learn more here or sign up here for your copy
  • Planning Pack (for churches): describes each step you can take to plan your FCN role for successful commencement
  • Documentation Pack (for FCNs): the booklet discusses the context of the use of the 47 editable documentation templates
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Training and education

Next course starts Semester 1 2021

Going deeper into promoting health in churches

Learn more about Health and Pastoral care Ministry

To read more on promoting health in churches:

Engaging the faith community in promoting community health
A Bible study on serving in health ministry to promote health
Genuine friendship promotes hope and health
Faith and healing - what does God's word say

Become a member or a subscriber  and receive the short eBook called ‘The Faith Community Nurse role is an important function of church ministry’. It covers why the church needs a health and healing ministry, a Christian perspective on health, some links between faith and health, and a brief Christian history of nursing. You will also receive a monthly email update with extra resources, and the extensive Whole Health Magazine delivered to you inbox three times per year. Membership provides additional benefits at a low cost and supports the work of AFCNA in making resources available.