Snippets and prayer points on progress of Faith Community Nursing

Germany: They are planning a seminar for September 2023 and a new hybrid FCN course. Please pray for registrations and progress of the FCN role.

Parish Nursing Ministries UK:  They are planning FCN courses to start in April (online) and November (hybrid).

The online promotion ‘Explore parish nursing’ has resulted in a surge of interest, with 19 churches that have commenced the planning phase in order to commence a Faith Community Nursing ministry in their church/parish.  As is the case in Australia and across the globe, churches want to offer paid FCN positions but funding these roles is a challenge for many churches.

FCNs are seeking to develop the role within Wales as their current priority.

Just as in Australia, USA, and across Europe, the UK National Health Service is in crisis and this is affecting recruitment of FCNs. Many nurses are burnt out and leaving the profession. World forum recognises this is a potential pool of talented workers who may be very helpful and delighted to pick up the whole person health focus that is integral to the faith community nursing role. We all need to get the word out to disenchanted nursing colleagues about the potential of the FCN role.

New Zealand Faith Community Nurses Association: They are planning to meet together in person in March 2023. This will be the first time in 3 years due to COVID-19. However, since that information was shared, the North Island of New Zealand has been ravaged by Cyclone Gabrielle so this may impact their plans.

NZFCNA received a bequest from one long-standing member for which they are extremely grateful. Please pray for our sister organisation and their emergency situation and their future planning.

Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI): The FCN team from the Philippines completed 2 one hour FCN taster presentations with an average of 40 participants each during October 2022 PACEA on-line conference.

They are planning for another online FCN Training Course to be delivered in two parts. Part 1- Core -Foundation of Faith Community Nursing units  from April - June with 4-5 hours per meeting delivered , once and twice monthly. in part 2- they will consider special topics for FCNs between July- September. Participants will come from NCFI- Pacific and East Asia (PACEA region) and South Asia and Middle East (SAME).

Anne van Loon from AFCNA has been invited to facilitate one session on Legal issues for FCNs. Invited facilitators provide a video recording of their topics or present them in person on the prescribed date. NCFI have a moderator to facilitate discussion for the entire program. Please pray that the presenters, organisers and participants will register and have opportunity to put the role into practice within their faith communities.

Prayer Request from Alica Banas in Philippines: Alicia needs to renew her visa for US and this is proving problematic due to a very lengthy backlog in visa processing post COVID. Alicia has asked for prayer to move this forward so her visa comes in time for her to attend the Westberg Symposium for FCNs.