AFCNA wants to encourage you to join God’s mission to share His light by bringing hope, providing care, promoting whole health, by loving your neighbours wherever you and they are!

If that piques your interest we want to invite you to have a chat with us as we seek fresh ways to engage, nurture, equip and network interested Christians who want to see Faith Community Care come to life where they are. Interested? Then email us on

If you have ideas, skills, in any of these four key areas you can support us!

  1. Contemporary website that is easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and informative

Talk to us if you have content ideas, web development skills, resources to share to help followers of Jesus Christ shine God’s love into the dark places in people’s lives.

2. Tell the Faith Community Care story

We want to share a range of videos of individual Christians and faith communities caring. We want everyone to see someone who reminds them of themselves so we pique the interest of a broad range of people E.g. children, young people, tertiary students, health professionals, care recipients, people with lived experience, pastors/priests, educators, aged care workers, chaplains, pastoral care workers…  We want people to click on a video and see someone who looks like them, acts like them, and perhaps even thinks like them,  telling their story of Faith Community Care  and explaining why they have joined AFCNA to help them network with other like-minded Christians to BE CARE in their community. Interested in being videoed? Please chat to us soon AFCNA’s mobile is: 0412 134 348, or

3. We can equip you to care effectively

If you are willing and able to develop short courses that AFCNA can offer free or at low cost to equip people to provide effective community care we want to hear from you. If you have ideas of quality, effective, preferably research-based Faith Community Care, let us know.  If you are willing to be videoed or help us find the right person with this knowledge, we are eager to hear from you! We want people with experience in aged care, chronic condition care, mental health care, disability care, addiction services, child and youth health, care of people who are homeless, refugee care… and any other ideas you think will help Faith Community Care to grow.

4. Networking with others in the field

 We already have a ‘Community of Practice’ for nurses, and we want to expand this support so people can meet others in similar roles, share information, resources, experiences such as ‘This is what I wish I knew then, that I know now!’ scenarios, give each other support, encouragement and prayer - across Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Interested to join us? Let us know on