The extended open hand symbolises the FCN who is ‘faith in action’ and ‘hope in expression’ - providing support, guidance, nurture, care and compassion, which is afforded to all people within and beyond the faith community; seeking to promote health and wellbeing, and empower the person in the process of being and becoming all God intended them to be.

The unfolding flower symbolises the FCN/ who is ‘love in motion’, providing the freedom for people to live an abundant life. Each person within the faith community is unfolding their God given potential, and journeying toward wholeness in and through Jesus Christ. The FCN is connected to, and in relation with the faith community, which is central to her/his nursing and/or health care.

The descending dove symbolises the Holy Spirit
The flower may also be interpreted as a descending dove symbolising the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of the FCN enabling her/him to react and respond to others with the love of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is central to the FCN’s life and professional practice and the faith community’s growth and vitality.

The outer circle represents God in whom we find our being and our belonging.

The shaded inner circle represents Jesus Christ who fills our lives with love and peace, joy and hope, who enables us to live abundantly - here and now, and in eternity when we die.