AFCNA provides many and various way for Australian Faith Community Nurses to network with FCNs around the globe.

AFCNA liaises with comparable professional bodies locally, nationally and internationally. It is a member of the Council of National Nursing and Midwifery Organisations (CoNNMO) in Australia, and World Forum of Parish/Faith Community Nurse Ministries.

AFCNA's chairperson Anne van Loon is speaking as part of the online Westberg symposium (April 12-14 2021 in the world forum session looking at some of the barriers that Faith Community nursing has faced in the past and how technology might be able to help us overcome them. FCNs can attend this world forum session free of charge but you will need to let us know.

International FCN community

Members have an opportunity to join the International Knowledge Platform hosted by Westberg Institute. Details for how to access this are in the Members' Area.

Community of Practice

In 2021 AFCNA is launching a virtual Community of Practice with Zoom meetings for AFCNA members every second month. This is an opportunity to meet with Faith Community Nurse peers, share ideas and problem solve together, celebrate and encourage each other. Details for how to join and the next date are in the Members' Area.

Joining as a member through the website gives you immediate access to the Members' Area.