Welcome to the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association Inc.

We are the peak professional body for Faith Community Nurses (FCN) working in the pastoral health and care ministry (HCM) of Australian Christian churches/faith communities, and the geographic or cultural communities they serve.

We are here to support you as a Faith Community Nurse or help you become one.

Faith Community Nursing is where nursing and faith unite to strengthen individuals, families and communities

We turned 21 in 2017

AFCNA Australian Faith Community Nurses Association turned 21 this year! The world has changed, and we need to change along with it.  Over the next six months you will see some of these exciting changes:

  • the website format and content will continue to be updated
  • you can pay your annual membership fee through the website
  • new people can become members and join through the website
  • you will get eBook giveaways and access to new factsheets
  • you will gain access to a YouTube channel
  • you will get access to free and low cost on-line continuing education
  • another useful website ‘Faith Hope Health’ will be launched in 2018

Please be patient with us as we are working hard to supply these changes. Don’t forget to sign up to our free mailing list so you can be notified of new opportunities and resources as they happen click here. Better still, we’d love to welcome you as a financial member and provide you with even more benefits click here.

If you want to understand where we are coming from click here to read about the History of Faith Community Nursing in Australia

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

Faith Community Nurses (FCN) provide whole-person care of body, mind and spirit, seeking to promote health, and prevent illness, abuse or injury.   Based in a faith community, FCNs serve people within that faith community and people from the geographic or cultural community that faith community serves. They use their nursing knowledge and skills, incorporated with their Christian faith to provide culturally competent, holistic health care to individuals, families and groups across the lifespan. FCNs work across the health continuum from health promotion and disease prevention to chronic disease management and finally end of life care. The HEALTH focus of the FCN includes:

H = health promotion,

E = education and health counselling

A = advocacy

L = listening

T = training and coordination

H = hope and spiritual support

FCN’s often work with or manage a team of volunteers who are part of the church’s health and pastoral care ministry click here.

To increase your understanding of why the FCN role is integral to the church click here to access a short eBook called ‘The Faith Community Nurse role is an important function of church ministry’. It covers why the church needs a health and healing ministry, a Christian perspective on health, some links between faith and health, and a brief Christian history of nursing.

For more information on the FCN role click here

There are four areas where FCN are making a positive difference. They are:

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  • What is health and pastoral care ministry? click here
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