Welcome to the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association Inc.

We are the peak professional body for Faith Community Nurses (FCN) working in the pastoral health and care ministry (HCM) of Australian Christian churches/faith communities, and the geographic or cultural communities they serve.

We are here to support you as a Faith Community Nurse or help you become one.

Give Me 5

In 2016 AFCNA is revitalising its membership drive and inviting everyone to take up the ‘Give me five’ challenge! It’s simple!

5 Newsletters

Give away 5 copies of the AFCNA newsletter each time it arrives in your inbox. You can also print five copies and prayerfully place them into the hands of 5 people, or place them in 5 sites such as: your church, your café, your hairdresser, your GP waiting room, your workplace, your library, your hospital, your university…

5 Members

AFCNA is asking everyone to invite five people to become members. You can place the newsletter and a membership form in the hands of another potential member that God lays on your heart!

5 Minutes

Then take 5 minutes each week to pray for AFCNA, the 5 newsletters, the 5 potential AFCNA members, and lets watch God mobilise people by the power of the Holy Spirit to become faith in action, love in expression and hope in motion within their community!