At our September AGM the 2022 Board was welcomed in. We’d love you to meet them. As you read you will see we are committed to AFCNA’s vision and mission. 

Chairperson: Gabi Macaulay

Gabi Macaulay RN,RM,GradDipMid,GradDipTheol,M.Min.

Gabi is a Clinical Facilitator with UTS in Sydney teaching nursing students She continues to work as a clinical nurse in the Emergency and Critical Care context. She has volunteered on medical ships in Papua New Guinea and served with Samaritan Purse’s disaster relief team in the Caribbean after Cyclone Dorian in 2019, in Australia after the 2020 bushfires and in Türkiye after the 2023 earthquake.

Read about how Gabi put her faith into action in 'God-given nursing opportunities in the midst of disaster' and 'God is at work in the dark places'

Treasurer: Gretha van Eck

Margaretha Van Eck is a retired Customer Service Officer with experience in the superannuation and wealth management sector as well as in the public service.  She and her husband have operated their own building/construction business for 30 years dealing with all the financials required, including project management, payroll, taxation, legal obligations and all government reporting necessary in an ever changing business environment.  She has been an active volunteer working as a church treasurer for 10 years and is in an ongoing capacity as treasurer for the Australian Faith Community Nurses Assoc Inc since 2019.  She continues to have a heart for helping people and is involved in pastoral care.

National Mentor: Millie Davey

Millie Davey RGN, RMHN, GradDipThFCN

Millie is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, currently working in Murray Bridge, SA. Originally trained as a General Registered Nurse, Millie completed a Graduate Diploma in Faith Community Nursing in 2003, has over 10 years experience working with the Adelaide Hills Community Mental Health Services and 15 years experience working within the inpatient mental health unit of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Millie’s professional experience has led to a deeper understanding of existing health care gaps, limited resources (especially in rural areas) and the need for innovative, cost effective, sustainable ways to create flourishing communities within local communities utilising existing resources that support recovery. 

Public Officer & Administrator Secretory: Anne van Loon

Dr. Antonia van Loon RN, CertIV(TrngAssmnt),CertIV(ChapPastCare), DipAppSc(CtyHlthNsg), BN, MN(Research), PhD

I retired from Baptist Care (SA) in early 2023 after a decade as the Senior Project Manager/ Consultant in Health and Wellbeing services. My role involved the development of strong and vibrant health and pastoral care ministries with the most vulnerable members in our community working with Baptist Churches in South Australia.

My professional background: I am a Registered Nurse with almost 50 years of work experience. I started in 1974 working in tertiary hospitals (Royal Adelaide Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre). I specialised in Accident & Emergency nursing (about 11 years), then worked in the tertiary education sector at University of South Australia and Flinders University (about 10 years) lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and health sciences students. I undertook a research based Masters at Flinders University with a focus on “Spirituality and Healthcare”, followed by a research-based Doctorate developing a model of Faith Community Nursing for Australian Christian churches. I consolidated my research career at RDNS (SA) a community nursing provider, as their Senior Researcher. Here I undertook a decade of research and program evaluation. The research worked with vulnerable clients (women survivors of child sexual abuse, the homeless, people living with addiction, mental illness, chronic conditions, disability and those requiring community palliative care). This background has led me to the realisation that Jesus’ church has so much to offer a hurting world by way of holistic health promotion, disease/injury/abuse prevention, and compassionate care giving that supports, empowers and enables people to transition back into fullness of life with Christ and his people. This is the catalyst and motivation for my continued involvement in AFCNA.

I am passionate about the opportunities faith community care ministries offers churches to engage with their community via outreach activities that promote health and wellbeing, and bring healing and transformation. I am actively involved in my local Christian church and continue to use my nursing skills in a range of volunteer and pro-bono roles.

Board Members

Peter Heggie

I’m Peter Heggie. My main professional role is a Carer Peer Worker.  I’ve been working for 6 years with Northern Sydney Local Health District in the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol team.  I am a Carers Australia rep to the National Mental Health Consumer Carer Forum and a member on the National Register of Consumer and Carer Peers within Mental Health Australia.

I’m keen to serve with AFCNA in 2021 and beyond bringing advocacy skills (systemic and personal) honed over 11 years learning to care for my wife who travels with five forms of mental illness.  My strong faith has a place in my work and care of the people I work with. Eleven years of caring has shown me spiritual care, including pastoral care; need to be normalised in mental and physical health.

My work as a carer and mental health advocate can be demanding requiring self-care to re-charge the emotional tank.  

Joanne Rich

I’m Joanne Rich, a Registered Nurse working in the acute hospital sector. I’m an enthusiastic encourager of AFCNA and help where I can with planning, document preparation, checking emails, etc.

My hopes for AFCNA include continued progress of robust, contemporary supportive systems that enable FCNs to be well equipped to move into the next decade with relevance and passion. I truly believe FCNs offer what everyone in the community wants and the government needs! The church wants to utilise its people’s gifts effectively and nurses want to be used for God’s kingdom work. Clients benefit more than anyone, because they experience Christ’s love through the FCNs caring service. My hope is that with God’s guiding hand, AFCNA can become firmly established as an integral part of Australia’s caring community

Vicky Legge RN, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV CPC, Cert IV Youth Work, DipAppSci(P&O), GradCert(NgComHlth&Dev),  GradCert(ChronicCondMgmt)

I am an RN with 30 years experience with a focus on chronic condition management for the past 20 years. I currently work at Baptist Care SA in the role of Health Navigator project coordinator overseeing the implementation of a Pastoral Care Nurse role and Health Navigator volunteers to support people experiencing homelessness in managing their health.

I also work as a Chronic Condition Management Consultant drawing on my experience and additional qualifications as a health professional and as a person living with chronic illness.  I am accredited in the Flinders Chronic Condition Management ProgramTM  . I am passionate to see system changes so I have started studying a Masters in Public Health (Chronic Condition Management) at Flinders University.

My passion for AFCNA is to see churches build faith community care ministries and nurses embrace Faith Community Nursing because it has such potential to help people with chronic conditions to self-manage and live abundant lives! (It will also save our health system a lot of money!) I’m responsible for AFCNA’s Digital Strategy.