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Faith Community Nursing is an advanced practice form of community nursing founded upon Christian principles which seeks to support and strengthen the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.


What is a Faith Community Nurse?

Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) provide whole person care of body, mind and spirit, focusing on promoting health and preventing illness, abuse or injury, and managing existing conditions to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

Where do they work?

FCNs are based in a faith community, a church, church-based school, aged care service or other community service conducted under the auspices of the church. FCNs serve the people within that faith community and/or people from the geographic or cultural community which that faith community serves.
They may have a particular focus for their ministry such as, working with people who are homeless, mental health, aged care, disability, addiction, vulnerable families, maternal/child welfare, or community health and development.

What do they do?

They use their nursing knowledge and skills, underpinned and incorporated with their Christian faith to provide culturally competent, holistic health care to individuals, families and groups across the lifespan.
FCNs work across the health continuum from health promotion and disease prevention to the management of chronic conditions and finally end of life care.

The HEALTH focus of the FCN includes:

H = health promotion
E = education and health counselling
A = advocacy
L = listening
T = training and coordination
H = hope and spiritual care

FCNs often work with, or manage a team of volunteers who are part of the church’s health, community and pastoral care ministries.

FCNs may work with people of any faith, or no faith, as well as people within their own faith community

To increase your understanding of why the FCN role is integral to the church click here to access a short eBook called The Faith Community Nurse role is an important function of church ministry’. It covers why the church needs a health and healing ministry, a Christian perspective on health, some links between faith and health, and a brief Christian history of nursing.

The Christian principles behind the FCN and health and care ministry (HCM) roles include; justice, stewardship, compassion, relationship, transformation and healing.

How do I become a FCN?

To practise as a FCN you need to hold a current professional registration or enrolment as a nurse with your local nurse registration authority, have several years of clinical experience, and have a demonstrated spiritually maturity in their Christian faith.

You will also need some additional training in preparation for this specialist role and its autonomous nursing practice. You can get this training from AFCNA and a number of other education providers across Australia and internationally

To download most of this information click here for Fact Sheet 1: Introduction to Faith Community Nurses

Consider becoming a member of AFCNA

Health areas of focus

There are four areas where FCN are making a positive difference. They are:

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