Faith Community Nurse

- your partner in whole person health

The Faith Community Nurse role is an advanced form of community nursing founded upon Christian principles which seeks to support and strengthen the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

A Faith Community Nurse (FCN) can provide HEALTH:

Health promotion

  • promote whole person health
  • promote family and community health
  • empower self-care and support self-management

Education and counselling

  • help people understand their health issues
  • support individuals, families, groups and community with health education via print, seminars, groups and personally
  • brief health counselling

Advocacy and Referral

  • enable people to navigate the health system
  • locate resources, obtain referrals, source health support
  • advocate with services if necessary

Training and Coordination

  • develop health and pastoral care volunteers to ensure quality support in all activities
  • care coordination and case management support

Listening and visiting

  • discuss health, social and spiritual concerns
  • visit at home, residential care, hospital and after discharge
  • enable people to stay connected to family and community

Hope and Spiritual Care

  • sustain spiritual growth and healing
  • prayer and spiritual support  
  • provision of pastoral care

All FCN functions are undertaken to promote HEALTH, HEALING and WELLBEING of the WHOLE PERSON - body, mind and spirit.

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The Faith Community Nurse role is an important function of church ministry’.

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Health areas of focus

There are four areas where FCNs are making a positive difference