Bringing together Christians health and care workers to promote whole health

The Collaborative’s objective is to:

  • Stimulate Christian health workers to use their professional knowledge and skills, and their faith to effect whole person health
  • Provide information that promotes whole health – personal, family and community
  • Promote supportive relationships between Christian health and care workers (individuals and organised groups)
  • Excite churches about the capacity of health and care ministry to transform lives

To achieve these objectives we:

  • promote a Christian worldview of the person as an integrated whole- body, mind, spirit
  • emphasise the importance of relationships – with God, with others, with the creation and within one’s self
  • stress the biblical mandate of the church is to preach, teach and heal.  Health and care ministry focuses on all three, but emphasises health and healing activities
  • recognise health and care ministry is a ‘body’ ministry of a church. It involves everyone in a Christian faith community because all bring unique gifts and strengths.  Everyone can do something.  All are needed all are gifted and all are valuable.

Christian Health and Care Collaborative is a service of the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association (AFCNA)

If you or your group are interested in supporting or joining collaborative please contact us: E