Are you interested in joining your Christian faith with nursing to change lives?

If you are, Faith Community Nursing may be a role for you to consider and this FREE online workshop may help you decide.

Faith Community Nursing is a role for today's nurse and today's church

The rise in mental health issues, stress, family break-down, early discharge from hospital, isolation and loneliness, chronic conditions and disabilities, and the requirements of an aging population, make Faith Community Nursing (FCN) a role that can add breadth and depth to the pastoral care of the church. It provides amazing outreach opportunities to a community in need. FCNs care for the whole person - body, mind and spirit, promoting health, healing, hope, peace, justice and faith for all.

The content has been adjusted to show where and how Faith Community Nurses can be of assistance during the current Covid-19 pandemic and when Australia comes out of lockdown.

Faith Community Nursing brings a health focus to pastoral care adding depth and scope to the ministry. The online course has 5 quick sessions to increase your understanding of the role and covers some of the basic practicalities to start the role including how AFCNA can help nurses become a Faith Community Nurse, and churches with establishing Faith Community Nursing in your local community.

The online workshop has 5 short sessions

  • Session 1 Why use Faith Community Nurses in Pastoral Care Ministry
  • 1.1 Why add health to Pastoral care
  • 1.2 Why become a Faith Community Nurse
  • Session 2 What is Faith Community Nursing?
  • 2.1 What is Faith Community Nursing
  • 2.2 What a Faith Community Nurse can do
  • Session 3 Why have an FCN in your church/faith based organisation?
    3.1 Why have an FCN in your church?
  • 3.2 Why a nurse?
  • Session 4 Practicalities of adding health to pastoral care
  • 4.1 Health and Pastoral Care Ministry
  • 4.2 Regulated Health professionals
  • 4.3 Health and Pastoral care Committee
  • Session 5 What next?
  • 5.1 How AFCNA can help you
  • 5.2 What next?

You can use this workshop for Continuing Professional Development

Follow this up with the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing online course -contact us to register your interest

Session 4 briefly covers Health and Pastoral Care Ministry.

Health and Pastoral Care ministry is more than the usual reactive responses that support people in time of acute need or crisis. It takes a proactive whole-person approach to promoting health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities across the lifespan from birth to death. Read more