Do you read the word change and think about all the New Year resolutions you made with good intentions but never kept, or the diet or exercise program you started and didn’t keep going with, or a quiet promise you made to yourself about how this time it was going to be different?

Getting a change to stick for the long term is hard!

Change is developing habits. These habits are not just behavioural but include thought patterns, choices, ways of relating to others and even how your view yourself. The process of change is hard; it’s hard to make the change stick for the long term. Change needs three things: Big Picture. Small steps. Do it. It also helps to understand the process of change.

This short course works you through this process.

Burnout and ill health forced me to change but I struggled with it. I tried:

  • revamping my diet to eat healthy and once I ate the first piece of chocolate I ate the block
  • creating an exercising regime – I signed up for a 10 dance package thinking the financial incentive would keep me going and went enthusiastically to the first class and never went again
  • different relaxation techniques
  • setting goals for my whole new healthy lifestyle but couldn’t make the change stick

Then I started to dream what I wanted my life to look like, I wanted to be well albeit with a chronic condition, I wanted to live a life of purpose. To find satisfaction and joy, to be socially connected. This became the big picture of what I wanted my life to be.

And then I took small steps – tiny steps, but celebrated what I was doing instead of beating myself when I didn’t do something. I wasn’t just setting goals for the sake of it to manage one symptom, but I was setting gaols to move me forward towards my vision

Through this process I learned 3 steps to make change sticks:

Big Picture. Small Steps, then Do it

Your instructor

  • Vicky is passionate to see others living an abundant life of purpose with a sense of wellbeing. She is a Registered Nurse with additional qualifications in Chronic Condition Management, a qualified Trainer and Assessor with experience training pastoral care workers, and founded His Heart Ministry Training. Along the way she authored 'New Life in the Mourning - hope when the relationship ends' and co-authored 'My Life! Health Living Journal'. Vicky has suffered burn out losing ministry and employment. She has journeyed to restore balance and now lives a productive, hope filled healthy life, albeit with a chronic condition. She teaches from a combination of practical experience and extensive

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Understanding change – what the process is, the concept of self-efficacy,
  • Step 1 Big picture – visioning process and some tools to help you create your vision
  • Step 2 Small steps – goal setting, not just a formula but how to make goals achievable some ‘hacks’
  • Step 3 Do it – creating an action plan to convert the goals into action, and again what can help you achieve the goals
  • Lasting change – other hacks to make the change stick

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